Monday, December 9, 2013

Guys Gift Guide... least for the guys in my life.

I love Christmas solely for the shopping. 
Okay, not just for shopping but it easily makes the top
 three reasons why I love Christmas.

This year, I'm shopping for all the men in my life.

And damn, shopping for guys is hard.
You have the sports guy, the outdoors guy, the tech guy, the car guy, the frat guy...
What about a combo? Or if they don't fit into any category?
I looked at other blogs for Christmas inspo and was disappointed.

A plaid shirt? A wallet? A tie?
*Eyes rolling*
People still consider these!
I needed something realistic that my guys would like and find useful. 
I came up with these.

  the boyf // dad // almost anyone // literally anyone // little brother

Each year, my mom, dad, brother and sister pick names so we can
 focus on one person and make sure it's a gift they like.
(For me, it's a money saver. Ha.)
It's supposed to be a secret Santa kind of thing so...
Mom pretend you're not reading this and know whose name I have. Kaythanks.
This year I have my dad. I was told that he wants a tool box or iPhone Bluetooth.
I found a really good deal on Amazon for a toolbox so I'll probably be getting that for him.
I know he will use it and it's something he wants.

Then there's Devon. We don't really like to focus on gifts. 
We can buy things for ourselves and it's more fun to concentrate on traditions and 
spending time together. Especially since we work opposite scheds.
But he's been talking about cologne since he ran out months ago. 
I know he won't buy it for himself so I figured I'd give it as a present.
I got him Aqua Di Gio a few years ago and he loved it.
It's a little expensive but it smells soooo good, 
it's his only present from me and I know he'll love it.

My brother's birthday is next week and he STILL DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE WANTS.
If it were any other year, he wouldn't be getting shit since he "doesn't know".
However, he's turning THIRfuckingTEEN and he has to get something.
Money is always a good move.

You can never go wrong with a gift card to your guy's fave fast food place.
I chose Chickfila because as someone living in the south, 
it's pure sin not to like it. 

I don't know if Devon and my brother will ever grow out of video games.
I figured it was phase. Wrong. It's a way of life. 
Grab the game your guy has been eying. If I were to buy one, it'd be GTAV.
They don't come out with it every year, it's never ending, not to mention it's dope af.

Hopefully this helps someone. If not, I just revealed my Secret Santa in vain.

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