Sunday, December 29, 2013

Motivation...or just another reason to shop

It’s almost the new year and it seems the most popular resolution is weight loss.
Or something to do with the appearance of the body.

It can be hard to incorporate exercise into your life.
I know you’re thinking, “Working out five days a week? I can barely brush my teeth twice a day.”

Or is that just me?!

But, I know making time for exercise is a must for a healthy body.
I also know that when I think I look good, I feel good. 
So even if you’re not feeling your bod just yet and you still want to look dope at the 
gym, I have some gear to motivate that ass of yours.

Okay, I’ll be honest here. I just love work out gear. 
I feel so fierce when I wear it. Even when I don’t work out.
 I’m just grocery shopping and yet I feel like I can kick some ass.

These are a few things I’m considering buying in the very near future. 
As exercise motivation, of course. 

Obviously, Nike is the go to for all things athletic but Victoria’s Secret has an athletic section, too. 
And their shit is fierce. Which will make you feel fierce. I mean, how else would you want to feel when exercising? And I took a peek at Old Navy and they have this turtleneck burnout hoodie.
 Uh, yes.
 Oh, and how effing dope is this Nike band?! It keeps you informed of your activity,
whether you’re cooking, running, the’ll know the progress you’re making! 
I love that it tells you how much and how hard you’re working out.

I know adjusting your sched and body to new things can be difficult at first, but keep in mind, 
you’re building a better version of yourself. 
You can climb that mountain, one step at a time. And look hot doing it. 

Good Luck and happy new year, babes. Because you are all babes. ;)

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