Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Things

Three things I've learned about Bella:
1 She wants makeup for Christmas. "My own. Not mommy's". Someone help me.
2 She's getting smarter...or lazier. When I tell her to clean her room,
    she shoves everything under the bed! I didn't do that until I was maybe five.
3 She sometimes mistakes her position in the family. One day she asked, 
  "What's with the attitude?" UH, YOU'RE EATING SOAPSUDS.
Three things I've learned about Devon:
1 He notices how much I look at myself in the mirror because he called me out on it.
2 He can actually put rhymes together. He's no Cole or anything. More like a cool nursery flow.
3 He NEVER exercises but somehow still has a toned bod. Lame.

Three things I've learned about my new job:
1 I need to invest in Dr. Scholls.
2 I should practice my fake genuine smile a little more.
3 People are idiots.
Happy Pink Day!
reference to Mean Girls because I cannot sincerely say Hump Day.


  1. I love #3 on your first list my dad would do the same thing when I was a kid and #3 on your last list it sometimes sucks realizing how dumb people are you wonder how they get up in the morning

    1. hahaha she tries to be sneaky with it, too! She knows it's weird.

      And yes, some people just blow my mind.