Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Merriest Christmas

This Christmas was one of the best Christmases we've ever had. 
Last year, we were all over the place because of family drama. Bella was opening presents and wasn't even able to see what she had because she had to open more in order to stay on schedule. 

It was the epitome of ridiculous and didn't feel like the Christmas I was used to having.
 Nor was it fun. In any way.

This year was the complete opposite. 
We ate, opened presents, ate, played with presents, ate and napped. Perfect Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, we decorated cookies, made homemade hot chocolate and watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I was nervous at first because Bella scares easily. (She was scared of Brave and Tangled) But the Grinch has become one of Bella's favorite movies! Thank God because it's my favorite and it was going to play whether she was terrified or not.

Then on Christmas morning, we watched the parade, ate pancakes and fruit, and opened presents.
Speaking of presents, Bella received so many incredible gifts.
Shout out to all her "Santas".

 This girl got a make up kit from my mom.  A real make up kit.
Right when she opened it, she smeared every color all over her face and asked,
"How do I look, Mommy? Beautiful, right?"
Thanks, Nini.
She also got things I didn't even think about getting her but were perfect for her. 
She got all things creative from a massive art set to a jewelry making set.

 They say the only mess moms don't mind is the one made on Christmas morning.

P.S...Why is Devon's shirt tucked in?
 I looove this time of year and all the festivities. 
It's insane that it's already over and 2014 is in less than a week.
My friends graduate college in the summer and Bella will officially start preschool in the fall.
I'm so not ready for 2014.

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