Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Christmas Decor

I know that I should be ecstatic about Christmas, however, I'm only slightly happy.
I'm mourning the loss of my favorite season.

Bye, colorful leaves. Hey, ugly naked trees.
Bye, light sweaters. Hey, heavy duty coats.
Bye, cozy weather. Hey, freezing nips.


Christmas is literally the only good thing about winter.
Once it's over, I'll be cutting my bras with my frozen nips until Easter.
Not too sure why I'm complaining. I made it through a winter in New York, didn't I?
Maybe I'm just traumatized from all of the snow.

We whipped out the Christmas stuff and started decorating.
Obvi, we made homemade hot chocolate and cookies.

I bought almost all of our stuff last year when it was 70% off.
Ornaments, party items, bows, even the tree.
Our pre-lit tree was a measly $17!
It's really the only way to do the holidays.
You only have the decor up for about a month or less...why pay full price?

I did a clothespin wreath to hold our Christmas cards. 
I bought a poster, cut out the circle and glued the pins and bow.
Easy and cheap.
On each side I had a frame and put wrapping paper in it!
Inexpensive, easy and changeable.

Another way to display cards?
Cut off the front and put it in a frame! 

I really wanted to put a mini tree in Bella's room but I'll be patient
and wait until it's marked down.
But there's no reason we couldn't still be festive!
I made snowflakes with the leftover poster board from the wreath
and hung them from the ceiling.
There aren't any pictures because I have no idea what I'm doing
couldn't get a good angle.
So you'll just have to trust me. It's FREAKING CUTE.

One thing I can't wait to have?
My sweater pillowcases which I will hopefully have this weekend.
Thrift shopping is always a hit or miss.
Wish me luck.

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