Friday, December 20, 2013

Festive Friday Five

It's Friday, December 20th, which means the real countdown to Christmas begins.
 I don't understand how people do 25 days til Christmas. I would have stopped giving fucks by day 14.

Although, I will say that five days until Christmas just gives me more anxiety..
if that was even possible.

Our weekend will be stuffed with last minute shopping.
Bella's great grandmother sent us a generous amount of money to help with gifts so we're
using that to buy her a new kitchen set. 
The thing is, I have to prime it, paint it and put it together and find a hiding place until Christmas Eve.
Talk about a challenge.

Thankfully, I have something to divert my attention.
My weekly favorites!

Favorite Flashback

This is one of my favorite holiday episodes.
This episode is one of the many reasons I love Boy Meets World.
It’s realistic and festive. 
And I love how Topanga had them drive to Vermont for syrup only to use 
powdered sugar on their pancakes. Just like a woman.
Favorite Holiday Book

 It’s about a dog who misunderstood the song Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
I’m dying over here.

Favorite Holiday Drink

Apple Pie Spiced Cider.
That Martha sure knows how to spice up everyday things doesn’t she?
(pun intended)

Favorite Combo

This manicure is subtle, festive and girly. LOVE IT.

Favorite Wrapping

How fun and festive are these? I need to step up my wrapping game.

 We wish you a fun, festive and happy holiday!

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