Monday, December 16, 2013

The thinks I think pt 2

I don't have a Twitter but I do have a wandering mind. I did a post where I just wrote whatever came to mind and figured I'd share again. Lucky you.

First of all, WHY ARE THERE PETS ON ANIMAL SHOWS? It makes zero sense.

Why is America's Funniest Home Videos still airing? One, we've seen hundreds of male genitals get hit with a plethora of objects. It's not funny anymore. Two, we have YouTube.

Vanessa Hudgens is 25?!

1pac 2pac redpac bluepac

There are high schoolers dressing in 90's clothes for decades day..shoot me

If I went missing or something happened to me, what picture would my loved ones choose?

I made the tragic mistake of getting rid of my old clothes before buying new ones. Now I have an empty closet. And while it's sucks not having clothes, it gives me an excuse to buy a new wardrobe.

I noticed that anytime I feel chubby, I continue to eat like shit.

It will be 2014 in two weeks.... there's that. My heart is shattering. 

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