Friday, November 22, 2013

Festive Friday Five

This blog is a judge free zone. I don’t judge you.
 So please don’t judge me in the fact that I am doing a Friday Five without other posts between.
 I HAD A CRAZY WEEK! I started a new job and I am trying to adjust. 
Damn, being a working mother is tough. 
Shout out to the moms who get shit done both at work and home.
With Thanksgiving next week, I thought it would be appropriate to have FESTIVE faves this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Flashback:

Obvi, had to have Charlie on the list.

Favorite  Skinny recipe:

Fauxtatoes are a skinny and simple version of mashed potatoes. Potatoes are high in cals and you don't have to chew them so it's easy to over indulge. I will admit, I don't go completely cauliflower. I add at least one potato to each head of cauliflower.

Favorite Table Setting:

                                           If I were a Thanksgiving table, this would be me.

                                                           Favorite Festive Drink:

The ladies at A Beautiful Mess are so creative! A cranberry jello shot for Thanksgiving. 
Duh, how did I not think of this before?!?

Favorite Kid’s Craft:

I love any excuse to get crafty. I absolutely love the idea of a grateful tree.
 It gives children an opportunity to think about all of the things and people they have to be thankful for.

Happy Friday!
P.S most of my friends are coming back home for Thanksgiving and I am so so excited!
 I cannot wait to reunite and act a fool.

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