Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Disclaimer, these two videos are COMPLETELY different from one another. 
Like...waaaay different.
But somehow, they both seemed to have an impact on me.
ha, it's the little things.

I love make up. 
I think it's best used to compliment your natural beauty rather than compete with it.
The first video is very informative for a young woman...or any woman. 
Lauren talks about how to apply make up properly. 
She does so side by side throughout the whole video and 
you can really see a difference with each step. 
It's amazing the small changes that can help you feel and look your best.

I love also motherhood. But there are days when you just feel defeated. 
You're overtired, hungry, sloppy or just plain annoyed. 
There are days when you think you could have done more or been better in some way.
But then, sometimes, your children surprise you.
 This video reminds me how much of a blessing children are and how
we as mothers don't need to beat up ourselves.

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