Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Five

Hope you had a fun and filling Thanksgiving.
A holiday dedicated to eating? You know we definitely did.

Buuut we hate turkey. I know. No turkey on Turkey Day?
Instead, we made ham, bacon wrapped green beans, mashed potatoes,
homemade sausage stuffing and an apple dessert.
It was incredible.

 I don’t mean to toot my own horn but… toot toot

Now that Thanksgiving is out the way, we can officially welcome Christmas.
Don’t be surprised if I sneak in a few holiday faves every week. Hehe.

I just can't help myself.
Or I can and choose not to. Whatevs.
Let’s get to the Friday five.

Favorite Work Out

It’s Jillian Michaels. It will werk you out.

Favorite Hair


Favorite Flashback

If this doesn’t flood tween memories I don’t know what will.
Am I the only one who remembers the Aaron/Hilary/Lindsay triangle?
Aaron and Lindsay were in the wrong then and look what happened.
Karma is a real bitch. Remember that, kids.

Favorite Holiday Cards

I LOVE JULIE ANN ART. All of it. Everything.
 I want it. Every holiday, birthday and anniversary card is perfection.
What's a Hallmark?

Favorite Laugh

My teen years in a nutshell.

Happy Black Friday! 

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