Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Five

Happy November 1st, everyone!
Where did October go?
Probably the same mysterious place as our bobby pins.

So uncool.
Anyway, hope you had a fun Halloween last night. 
Here are this week's faves.

Favorite flashback:
Were you aware that The Breakfast Club is on Netflix?!
 I’ve watched it three times since Sunday.
It’s easily top five high school movies. Ever.

Favorite  video:
 I’m not an animal person but this video melted my heart.

Favorite blog series:

The Beauty Department is my go to for hair and makeup tips. 
TBD is so thorough in explaining their techniques and tips which makes it accessible for anyone to do. 
Kristin Ess is a hair god to me. Especially when it comes to coloring. 
If I ever have to money, opportunity or balls, 
I would go to her and let her do whatever she wanted to my hair.

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Recipe: 

 This is a big deal because I am not a baker. It's quite possible that I'm the worst. 
But these cupcakes really are prefect.  
They are moist, fluffy, easy and delicious!
And that says a lot coming from me.

That's it! Hope you have a great weekend!

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