Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’ve been thinking about my post when Bella was going ape shit.
I really should be thankful. Thankful for me being able to be home with her.

Devon  slapped me into reality when he said he’d
 rather have me feel guilty about spending too much time with her
than not spending enough.

Kid had a point.

Right now, I’m the biggest influence in her life and should be taking
complete advantage of that. Which I am.
It’s just sometimes, I forget. 
I forget that once she starts, she will be in school for twelve years. 
She’ll have plenty of time to have friends and socialize

Oh, she'll get socialized, all right. A little slice like her.  
Name that movie.

So why am I rushing it?
I only have a little bit longer to spend my days with her. 
And I’m trying my best to make them count.

Right now, she thinks I’m cool.
I can do an handstand on the wall, paint nails, and draw a giraffe.
Not to mention the fact that I make bacon for breakfast.
To her that’s amazing.

The day she goes to school is the day I will completely lose whatever cool I have left.

So until then, I will hang on to it. 
With her beside me. 

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