Saturday, November 2, 2013

Trick or Treat, bishes

Hi, everyone! Hope you guys had a fun and spooky Halloween.
We did even though it drizzled on us and Bella could barely walk in her tail.

Growing up, we never went trick or treating because apparently it was the Devil’s holiday.

We were that family.

Instead of dressing up as our favorite characters, we went to church…
dressed up as Bible characters. There are only so many times you can dress up
as an angel knowing full well you aren’t.

With that being said you can guess that my favorite part about Halloween isn't the candy.

 It's the costumes.

It’s like National Creativity Day. I love seeing what people have come up with. 
Since having a Pinterest account child, my creativity senses have heightened.
These were our costumes last year.

I made last year's costumes with tee shirts and fabric glue because I didn't have my
sewing machine yet. When I got my sewing machine for Christmas, I knew possibilities were endless. And I was waaay too excited about it. Ask my friends. I was talking about it in July.

This year we went as a mermaid, a pirate and a sea witch. 

Homemade costumes are perfect for someone like me.

Creative and broke.  

All three of our costumes cost less than $20! TWENTY! That’s about $6 per costume! 
And it’s guaranteed that no one will have the same costumes.

I loved everything about our costumes this year. 
They were actually really fun to make, even the tentacles!

Next up is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.
A day where it is socially acceptable to eat all day?
Count me in.

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